WealthEngine 9

Explore the New World of Engagement Science™!

Using breakthrough technology, the WE9 platform consumes trillions of points of data to create more than 250 million pre-scored profiles complete with scoring and insight into prospect propensity, capacity, and intent. We call this Engagement Science™.

Only WE9 gives you the power to:

Discover insights faster than ever
Search, tag, filter and favorite people as a way of keeping track of and prioritizing ideal donors and buyers. Through seamless access to more than 180 million US-based households and 250 million adults each with thousands of enriched attributes, discover the potential of ideal donors and buyers.

Look-a-like Model

Profile Summary

Segment with precision
Get granular with target audiences by digging deep into relevant wealth and crucial lifestyle signals that provide insight into what motivates prospects to engage. By proactively nurturing prospects and existing donors and customers, insights are activated through personalized campaigns.

Prioritize top targets
Once ideal targets are identified, WE9 can uncover the next best donors and buyers, with automated models to find new prospects who share similar wealth
and lifestyle signals. Take control of multi-channel campaigns, predict who is most likely to engage next and prioritize resources accordingly.

My Profiles View

Dashboard View

Activate your audience
WE9 insights go beyond wealth with more than 1800 wealth and lifestyle signals to reveal what motivates ideal prospects to take action, or existing donors to give more. By knowing what moves them, campaigns can be personalized in order to drive lasting, measurable engagement.

What's new? The technology powering the WealthEngine 9 platform represents a quantum leap beyond simply providing wealth data.

All new, cloud-native architecture consumes trillions of points of data to create more than 250 million pre-scored profiles giving you the ability to model, analyze, engage and take action with your next best prospect.


Easily search for profiles by searching nationwide or by specific parameters. Refined results now make it easy to find more complete profiles. Our new Internet search allows you to find social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn with one-click.


From within the My Profiles view, you can now create look-a-like models on particular segments simply by applying filters. Create look-alikes or other models to determine your next best prospect.


Prospecting and digging deep into relevant wealth and lifestyle signals is even easier than ever with the ability to use filters in 10 different categories. You can filter by tags, location, donation history, scores and more.


Prospect API
Easily accessible through an API, WE9 enables real-time, secure wealth screening within any customer relationship or donor management systems of record.


Streamlined screening with easier uploading of lists. The new “My Profiles” scales to millions of profiles so now you can manage your entire client or donor base in a single, consolidated view.


Not only can you get scoring within our pre-compiled profiles, but you can also score using models that you create. With our new Propensity to Spend (P2S) Score you can score against more than 20 expense categories such as jewelry and travel.


Run multi-channel campaigns using segmented audiences you create and turn insights into action. With integration into any one of our campaign partners, audience engagement is a snap.


WE9 ingests trillions of data points from a myriad of publicly available sources to create our scored profiles of more than 180 million US-based households and 250 million adults each with thousands of enriched attributes. Configure alerts and notifications on segments and profiles that you can follow right on your dashboard.

Ready to learn more about WealthEngine 9 and how a prospect engagement platform will transform the way to personalize engagement with your audience?